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Spiritual Seekers believe that Change comes from Within

Is a spiritual revival needed before our social and political life can move forward?

And is there already a deeper more profound consciousness underway in Australia. Is the renaissance of our Folk Culture a part of this development?

Rosemary Beaumont will explore these issues with:

SATURDAY – The Yuin - 11.00 -12.00


The Art of Activism

Can People Power Change Things?
Challenging us to act from our deepest compassion and wisdom, in a world of growing suffering, violence and inequality.
Sean Burke (Activist Extraordinaire) will explore the art of activism with three current practitioners:

SATURDAY – The Yuin 12-1.00pm


The Future and Climate Change

If young people ran the world, what would it be like?
Dean Turner from The Crossing Environmental Education Centre and Paul West, chef from River Cottage explore the question of “Will Bega Valley Go Troppo ?” with a panel of young people from the Bega Valley.

SATURDAY – The Crossing - 1.00 -2.00pm


Local Food Economies – A Farm Led Revolution

ABC’s Tim Holt will lead a discussion exploring the future of locally grown food becoming a catalyst to drive economic change and make our communities resilient to potential disasters. How and who will grow this food? Is a localised food supply chain possible? What role do the big Supermarkets play?

SATURDAY – The Yuin - 2.0 – 3.00pm


The Divine Feminine

The Divine feminine consciousness is rising within all women and men to rebalance and reclaim our world in a way that values all of life as sacred. Do you hear or feel her call? Come and participate in an experiential circle of listening, touching and connecting:

SATURDAY – The Yuin -- 4.00- 5.00pm


Can Renewable Energy Power Australia and the World

Most electricity utilities are attempting to stop the growth of renewable energy, because it is disrupting their business models. How can community scale renewable energy projects be grown?

The ABC’s Tim Holt discusses these issues and more with:

SATURDAY - The Yuin - 5.00 – 6.00pm


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