Performer Application Form - Stage 1 : Cobargo Folk Festival

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2018 Cobargo Folk Festival

The Expression Of Interest Form

In order to keep it simple for both the Performer and the Festival, we have adopted a two-stage application process. The initial application is an Expression of Interest in which we have requested the minimum information needed to assess your application. If you are successful in being selected, we will send you a link to a second form in which we will request further information. Most performers these days have an online presence, so make sure you include a link to any web page you may have. Please do not mail or email us promotional material, unless specifically requested.

If you have any queries about the application process, contact us on

Applications close 31st July 2017. We anticipate that performer selection will be completed by the end of September. Please do not contact us before then to find out if you have been successful. We will contact you regarding your application. All applications will be acknowledged. When you submit your application, you will receive an automated response with a copy of the application form to the email address that you supplied in the form. If you do not receive that (allow a couple of days), you may have supplied an incorrect email address. In that case contact us at the above email address to see if we received your application.
Please assist us by not leaving it to the last minute to submit your application. It helps us by spreading the workload involved in assessing applications and we may be able to give you a decision earlier as well.


Please note the new dates for the festival; first weekend in March - Friday March 2 to Sunday March 4 2018


Part A. Contact Details

* Act Name :

* Contact Name :
- First Name
- Surname
Your Role :
Postal Address
Street or P.O. Box :

Suburb or Town :

State :

Postcode :

Contact Methods
** Landline :

** Mobile Phone :

* Email Address :

Website :

Social Media Links :
(Facebook, YouTube etc)  

Part B. About Your Act

* Please provide a short description of your act.
Please state the style, instrumentation and content. Max 30 words. We will request more detailed bios later if selected

What types of performances can you provide? (please refer to the Programming section in the Performer Guidelines).
If you can present any workshops, please specify topics and duration. Please keep descriptions brief.

Do you have any performances or workshops specifically for children,
and be willing to present one in our kids venue? Please specify.

Part C. The Performers

Please list the names of the performers in your act(and indicate instruments played if applicable)
Choirs and large dance groups do NOT need to provide names of all members at this stage (if selected, names will be requested for ticketing purposes at a later date). However please indicate the number of members you plan to bring to the festival.

Part D. Any special technical requirements?

Please note that successful applicants will be asked for details of sound and stage requirements in their more detailed submission. However please advise us now if your act has any particular technical requirement beyond what would be considered a normal number of DIs and microphones, etc. For example, you might be planning to use image projectors or have special lighting requirements, stage props or a requirement for an extended performance space, etc

Part E. Availability

The festival commences on Friday at 1pm and finishes Sunday at 6pm. If you cannot be available for the entire duration of the festival, please specify the times that you will be available. In particular, indicate your earliest and latest availability to perform. Please note that in order to minimise the problems in scheduling performances, we look more favourably upon performers who are available for the entire duration of the festival and don't place too many restrictions on their availability.

Part F. Remuneration

* What is your Fee?

Please include all travel costs and GST (if applicable) in the fee. Please bear in mind that ours is a small, self-funded, not-for-profit festival run by volunteers when considering what fee to ask.

Tickets for partners and children are provided but the Festival does not provide any meals. The Festival will provide accommodation either as onsite camping (preferred) or billeted with local residents (limited)

Part G. Accommodation

Accommodation and billets are very limited. However there is plenty of free onsite camping and parking available. Organisers would really appreciate as many performers camping as possible.

Please indicate if you will:

Make your own arrangements?
Camp at festival site?
Require billet accommodation?
If yes, how many people require billets?

Part H. Artists Responsibilities

  • Artists accept responsibility for their own Public Liability Insurance. When performing, you are a Festival service provider and as such, are not covered by the Festival's public liability insurance. (If you do not have Public Liability insurance, we suggest that you investigate the insurance options available through Folk Alliance Australia. See the insurance section in our Performer Guidelines for more information and link to the FAA insurance webpage).
  • Artists accept all responsibility for their Tax Obligations, Superannuation and WorkCover requirements.
  • Artists are to provide their own equipment including guitar amps and drum kits

* I accept the Artist Responsibilities as stated above

Part I. Message

Please provide any further information you believe we may need to know to assess your application.

* Required Fields

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