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General Information

* I accept the Cobargo Folk Festival Code of Conduct and
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* I am prepared to work the minimum 8 Hours total in shifts?

If you are willing to work more hours, indicate
how many hours (including the 8) :

* I have read the 2018 CFF WHS information sheet ?

Indicate your availability :
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Extra Information regarding Availability :

* Do you have prior volunteer experience at the Cobargo Folk Festival? :
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** If Yes, which year(s) did you volunteer? :

* Do you have prior volunteer experience at other festivals? :
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Volunteer Jobs

Please select your 3 Volunteer Job Preferences below :

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* Job Preference #3? :

If you have selected Festival Bar, you must have a current NSW Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate.
Do you have a current NSW RSA?:

If you have selected Childrens Program, you must have a current NSW Working With Children Check.
Do you have a current NSW Working With Children Check?:

If you have selected Pack Down, you must agree to the Conditions of Entry found here..
Have you read and agree to the Pack Down Conditions of Entry?:

If you have selected Catering or Festival Cafe, you must have a current Food-Handling Certificate
(Free through Council's Website).
Do you have a current Food-Handling Certificate?:

Other Information

* Do you hold a Senior First Aid Certificate? :
If YES, would you be willing to be a first aid officer during your shifts? :

* Do you hold any construction tickets? :
If YES, which ones? :

Please specify if you have any medical conditions? :

(This will enable your team leader to allocate you appropriate shifts)

Do you possess a trade, qualifications or skills that could be implemented in your role as a volunteer? :

Is there any other information you would like to include in your registration that would help in allocating you a team? :

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